This Sunday evening I am just back from the Carlson Leadership Academy of Sigma Phi Epsilon here in the Northeast region, and am busy banging out my sermon for Ash Wednesday morning worship at the hospital (Sick people don’t take federal holidays, so tomorrow I’m at the hospital, and Tuesday back in class…). My theme is time, the time of 40 days, the time of waiting, God’s time. My call to worship comes from Groucho Marx and my scripture from the genealogy of Jesus, with a focus on Rahab. I’ll post it later in the week. As weird as it sounds, it might just work. But then again, I’ve been known to say “dude” in the pulpit, so what do I know?

Since I was offline all weekend and the stuff up here is more stale than usual, I thought I’d post a prayer I wrote a couple of months ago on the subject of time:

You have time
Eternity to be exact
Oceans of space
Galaxies of love
And we are your people
An Exodus people
We still gird up our loins
Grab our staffs
And move.

Still us for a few moments
Let us stop in the now
Celebrating all that you are
All that we are
All that your saints have been.

And in a few minutes
When we are back in the thick
The urgency and rush
May we find time to pause
Moments filled
With the eternal peace
Of your love.