We are a people on the edge,
Always called
Always hesitant
Your call is to action,
Do this
Teach all nations
Love one another
And still we cling
To the familiar
To the easy
To the material.
We also stand on a temporal edge
Called always to look forward
We briefly glance backwards
Remembering the paths we’ve taken
Recognizing the things we’ve achieved
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
On the edge of a new life
A new world
We stand.

God we ask for three blessings:
One- that you never stop calling, never stop believing, that you never give up on us,
Two- that you fill our hearts with restlessness, with a hunger for righteousness, justice, and love,
Three- that you surround us with companions that also burn for you.

We are a people on the edge,
One last prayer on our lips,
One last gesture,
One glance back,
Before diving into your tomorrow.